Kevin MacDonald: White Advocate

From: The Jewish Journal

The Professor the Anti-Semites Love
Kevin MacDonald, Cal State Long Beach, and the downside of academic freedom
By Brad A. Greenberg, Senior Writer
Kevin MacDonald. Photo by David Sprague

Everybody should read this article about Kevin MacDonald by Brad Greenberg in its entirety. It is an article that treats the professor in a balanced manner and gives a short summary of a majority of the professor's views without a single valid attempt at rebuttal. All of the Jews that make a showing in the article do exactly what they do best - kvetch. (By the way, that word - kvetch - is actually in my spellcheck!)

The attempts at discrediting the professor are many but most take the usual form of the anti-anti-semites, that is, attempting to convince the general populace that fear and anger toward Jews as a collective ethny is irrational and ill informed. The slander starts in the fallacious title and luckily they make themselves look silly enough in the subtitle of the article to make continuing reading pleasant. The very first sentence makes an appeal to the guilt by association fallacy in reasoning. All kinds of Neanderthals on Stormfront support Kevin MacDonald's research and utilize it in their blogs and forums so he must be an irrational, foaming-at-the-mouth Nazi who is ready to implement a murderous final solution.

The subtitle to the article proposes that Kevin MacDonald's work is the unfortunate downside of academic freedom. Leftist Jews are being told they must accept the rantings of the far right if the universities are to be able to reshape society. Since Marxists lunatics and the Noel Ignatievs of the world need the state subsidized universities as platforms for spreading their rally cries for the destruction of the White race, one-worldism and socialism they must accept the occasional White advocate that manages to slip quietly into a tenured professorship so as not to appear hypocritical to the general public. It is a simple posture of magnanimity to always keep themselves on the moral high ground in the battle.

Oy vey! Look at those brave yet sensitive university Jews! Working side by side with that nasty MacDonald yet still defending his right to free speech!

The article doesn't waste any time letting us know exactly on whose side the professor is on and it is clear that it is the side of the White European. We immediately learn that professor MacDonald is our "foremost thinker," supported David Irving in his libel trial, favors restricting college enrollment for Jews and supports higher taxes for the same to correct inequities in society. My kind of man!

The article then proceeds to give us the history of the professor, his publishing ordeals, childhood and university path and credentials. It humanizes the professor in ways other articles from even a friendly stance have failed to do. We come to learn that we scored a small victory in the person of the President of CSULB (Cal-State University Long Beach) who will not disassociate the University from the work of the professor on the basis of that pesky thing called academic freedom. We learn about pressure from special interest - Jewish lobbies - to fire the professor and attempts at smearing his character. One thing we don't hear about are any rebuttals of the professor's work by people in his discipline. The silence, as they say, is deafening.

The first book called A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Separation and its Discontents in the professor's series Culture of Critique, puts forward pretty much the same tired thesis about traditional "Gypsy" or "traveler" groups that the Jew Yuri Slezkine does himself in his book The Jewish Century. It is unprovocative at the level of boredom, but nevertheless, it is extremely true. The one exciting claim MacDonald makes in his first book is that Talmud study is a eugenics program built into Judaism.

The second book in the series has one controversial chapter which compares Nazism to Judaism. At least it would have been controversial if I hadn't seen the exact same thesis put forward by the actor Ryan Gosling in the thoroughly Jewish film written and directed by the Jew Henry Bean called The Believer.

MacDonald comments on the connection:

"The National Socialist movement in Germany from 1933-1945 is a departure from Western tendencies toward universalism and muted individualism in the direction of racial nationalism and cohesive collectivism.... It may be usefully conceptualized as a group evolutionary strategy that was characterized by several key features that mirrored Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy."

MacDonald concluded that Nazi ideology "may well have been caused or at least greatly facilitated by the presence of Judaism as a very salient and successful racially exclusive antithetical group strategy within German society."
In the end MacDonald's work, based primarily on Jewish sources, is conceded to be important by a Jew:

Another journalist eager to discuss this topic is Philip Weiss, who writes the blog, Mondoweiss, and, unlike Goldberg, is an anti-Zionist who can be a brutal critic of his co-religionists. In December, MacDonald mentioned Weiss on his Web site, kevinmacdonald.net, where he links to his articles about Jews and Western culture and writes lengthy responses to critics. MacDonald praised Weiss as a fellow traveler. On his own blog, Weiss quickly rejected the embrace.

"He is trying to examine some important ideas. I just wish he wasn't racist about it," Weiss said in an interview, adding, "There was scrutiny of Jewish power in Central Europe when the Nazis arose. Therefore there is no ability to scrutinize Jewish power now because it makes you a Nazi. But I think that it is a legitimate intellectual and journalistic exercise to scrutinize Jewish power. I know MacDonald is engaged in that, and I respect that. But it is his generalizations about Jews that I find disturbing."
Again the article attempts to link the professor to Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network but the brave professor does not let us down and does not shirk from the call of duty:

MacDonald repudiated such rhetoric as "crazy stuff" but said he supports the ideology behind it.

"White people have legitimate ethnic interests. To the extent that that is all they believe, then we are on the same page," he said. "I don't like to use words like white supremacists. You could say that Koreans in Korea are Korean supremacists if they want to maintain their culture. It is kind of a loaded word; it is a politically charged word of the left, basically, to pathologize any sense of having an ethnicity and culture by people like me. I reject that."

"I certainly reject the tactics and the rhetoric of these people. It's very crude," MacDonald added. "But to the extent that David Duke is trying to advance a white ethnic interest and so on, I don't have any problem with that."
Brad Greenberg has written an informative and evenhanded article that is well worth your time to read. Brad has succeeded in confirming for me that Kevin MacDonald is a White advocate in a time when few are willing to be. Now, where's the White European ADL?

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