Jerry Abbott on Marxism and Capitalism

When fossil fuels are depleted, as eventually they must be, the illusion will be dispelled: the lumberjack will again know himself stronger than the owner of the bulldozer, the engineer will again know that he is smarter than the corporate manager who once bossed him, and the banker will understand, at long last, that he is worthless. When fossil fuels are depleted, nature will present mankind with the bill for his accumulation of genetic defects, which temporarily had been put on the credit card of technology, and many hereditary lines will suddenly discover that they are not really fit to live in this world.
This excerpt comes from a LiveJournal user jenab6 who describes himself thusly:

I'm Jerry Abbott. I go by other names, including David Wayne Sims. I live about two miles north of Hillsboro, West Virginia USA in a small off-the-road cabin in a hardwood deciduous forest in the Allegheny hills. I have a cat named Father Wiggly and a goat named Sevdi Baa. I'm sort of a hillbilly astrophysicist, with celestial mechanics being my favorite kind of math. I read lots of fantasy novels...over 50 of them in 2007. I'm growing an orchard (fruit and nuts), but the trees aren't very big yet.
The entry is titled What is Your Opinion on Karl Marx's Theories and is located here. You should definitely check out the rest of his writing as well. It is always provocative and very vast in its scope.

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