Individualism as Aggression

Miscegenation is really interpersonal globalization and hyper-individualism is really an act of warfare against the community... You stupid left wing punk rockers are playing right into their hands...


  1. Right over their heads. Kids today have absolutely no conception of the world which existed before them, none whatever. Good, in a way, since they that much less to unlearn. God, what a chore to educated these kids, hard to find an "in" to get them pay attention. Telling them as you did, however, is a good attention grabber, a good start. Now what?

  2. I'm working on that Rusty. It is the social milieu I extricated myself from and I'm still not sure how I got out of it...

    The only thing that really gets their attention is extreme vulgarity.

  3. Wasn't Bakunin a flaming anti-Semite? Anyway, the left-wing punks I've met didn't seem very coherent and consistent vis-a-vis their worldview - I think they just do that radical leftist crap as an expression of conformist "nonconformism."

    PS Danielj - how long does it take to learn electrical lineman trade, and how long before you can make a living wage? I've been thinking of going into the trades and don't know who else to ask this stuff.

  4. Mark, it will take between 2 3/4 and 3 1/2 years to complete an apprenticeship.

    You'll make a living wage your first year in most programs in the country that are union. I made 140,000 last year in what would have actually been my second year of the program. (I've been in the trade about five years but I started my apprenticeship over)

    I think this the perfect trade for people of our ideological persuasion but the pipe fitters and iron workers also make good money. The longshoremen do as well, but they are a militantly socialist union, more so than the SEIU and hard to break into.

    Look into a lineman's apprenticeship program. New England, Cal-Nev and the Mountain States all have good ones. ALBAT in the Michigan/Illinois/Wisconsin area is excellent as well. You'll make the most money in Cali.

  5. Thanks. We're about the same age but I went to Judeo-University instead of doing the sensible thing and now I'm regretting it. But I didn't know any better then. Good grief! I'd no idea you tradesmen made so much money.

    ALBAT in the Michigan/Illinois/Wisconsin area is excellent as well.

    This is the closest to me and most realistic probably. I'll look into it.

    Thanks again.

  6. Well, I've got a friend out there who might be able to help.

    I'll let you know.

  7. Btw good blog. Don't be discouraged at the lack of readership/commentary because there's a lot of good stuff here and it's presence is not unappreciated.