I find hugging, as a management strategy, sinister...

-Rita the Dishwasher from I Really Hate my Job


  1. I used to work with this crazy black guy. He'd get himself all worked-up over nothing. This was when the usual suspects were first starting to promote the whole hugging thing.

    Whenever he'd get really worked up somebody would threaten him by saying, "Floyd, do you need a hug." That would usually shut him up - for about 10 mins. ;-)

    Anyway, Daniel, it's Russ (from Boston). Take a look at my blog and tell me what you think.

  2. Hey Russ!

    I'm only gonna be in the area a couple more months. We should hang out and catch up before I get outta here.

  3. We should definitely get together. When are you leaving. I'm gonna be in the area on the 30th of August if your still going to be around.

    If not I'll have to make a point of getting down that way.