Altered States

I was reading a book today where the author wrote the following sentence:
In brief, there exists in Britain a kind of corruption infinitely more subtle and far more insidious than that for which the United States are famed.
It was the weirdest thing I've seen in print in a long time. I had to re-read the sentence twice to figure it out.


  1. Haha! Good for the author (who was it?), I think he's right about Britain's corruption, too.

  2. How many college-"educated" people today would have caught that? Damn few.

  3. I'm not even high school educated Rusty :)

    Fellist, it is the Twilight Over England book.

  4. Regardless, it was a pleasant reminder that there used to be such a thing as state sovereignty here and people considered the interstate differences important and worth preserving.

  5. Yes, before the War of Northern Aggression, the routine way of referring to this country was "The United States ARE..." After the Southron nation was destroyed, the phrase became the more ominous, "The United States IS..."

  6. Well there you go: I read it and never noticed.

    There's a discussion of the change in language here:

    Life in these, uh, this United States