Most Cruel and Intolerable Tyranny

Excerpted from a letter of M. Turgot to a Dr. Richard Price dated March 22, 1778:
It is also a strange thing that it should not be counted in England a trifling observation to say that one nation can never have a right to govern another; and that such a government could have no foundation but that of force, upon which also are supported robbery and tyranny. That the tyranny of a people is, of all known in the world, the most cruel and intolerable, leaving no remedy for the oppressed; whereas a single despot is at length stopped in his career by self-interest; he has the check of remorse, or that of public opinion; but a multitude makes no calculations, feels no remorse, and decrees to itself glory, when, in fact, it deserves the utmost disgrace.


  1. I call the multitude the Slicer Coalition.

  2. OAL: I'm sorry I'm a bit dense. This is terminology of your own invention correct?

    The Slicer Coalition of blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Jews is eliminating whites from the universities whites founded. Note the 31 percent number for whites. It was 31.5 percent white at Stanford and 31 percent white at Berkeley. That is before subtracting out Jews. Once that is done one is down to under 20 percent whites, likely 10 percent whites. Harvard was 48 percent white gross minus 31 percent Jewish for 17 percent white net.

    The Slicer Coalition is blacks and Hispanics taking off the bottom and Jews and Asians off the top. Jews are left in control by verbal dominance and their networking skills and group cohesion. They bully the others and thus control the coalition. Thus Jews have replaced whites at the elite schools in terms of control. They erase the national pattern of whites and replace it with that of their own. The removal of the cross in the Mojave desert, now on the way out of California for whites, symbolizes this complete erasing of the national pattern of whites.

    Kierkegaard had some interesting thoughts on the multitude as well: The Crowd is Untruth

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