Our Joyous Future!


  1. Is that real? If not, it is merely funny. If so, it is scary.

  2. I don't think it is real. I've seen other versions of the joke with "rival" church boards that you would typically see out in front of the building where one can manipulate what is on the sign for humorous effect.

  3. I had the same question when I looked at it. Joke or not, its real in the sense of being right. They could have had Department of Labor Rules on First Fired Last Hired for federal contractors.

  4. At the church I attended as a child you could add Arabic classes - so as the local Pakistani kids can learn their Quran properly. And I ain't joking.

  5. Fellist,

    Yikes! I imagine Arabic to generally be a perfectly suitable language for a budding scholar or scholastic to learn in proper context for it can certainly open up a wealth of works that might be inaccesable in any other language. Just learning something that different, that other-ly would require serious effort that would seem intellectually rigorous and challenging.

    However, in the case of your church (which I hope you and any of your family members have since stopped attending) I think they've got something backwards.

  6. Several long standing members did leave, some even seeing the writing on the wall for the Anglican confession generally and switching to Catholicism, but unfortunately my mother was more loyal to the vicar than to Christianity, she stayed.

    The issue is discussed in this weekly newsletter:


    "No meaning attaches" to an English church hall being used to promote Islam and Pakistani cultural tradions... so sayeth the Reverend.