Watch it if you are an atheistic White Nationalist then engage me with properly formed counter arguments in the nationalist blogosphere (or here if you prefer). Actually, watch it no matter what you are. If you can't afford to buy a copy I'll send you a copy that you can return to me by post. If you don't return it, I'll hunt you down and kill you!


COLLISION - 13 min VIMEO Exclusive Sneak Peek from Collision Movie on Vimeo.

The two bucks in an hour long debate (minus commercials) on the Laura Ingraham show. There is a point in this recorded debate where Hitchens makes a ridiculous statement about a Christian prohibition against astronomy that passed sentence of death on anyone that "looked through a telescope." Ignore it.


Sharp Tongue and the Poison of the Adler

From his Wikipedia bio:
Adler was a controversial figure in some circles who saw Adler's Great Books of the Western World project as Eurocentric and racially exclusive. Asked in a 1990 interview why his Great Books of the Western World list did not include any black authors, he said simply, "They didn't write any good books."[10]


Twilight of the Clods

and the deification of the undead lover!

An excellent review of the Twilight phenomenon from some Visionary Daughters.


The Business

It's a wise man that will only do business with those he can strangle.