Twilight of the Clods

and the deification of the undead lover!

An excellent review of the Twilight phenomenon from some Visionary Daughters.


  1. Hi there!

    On occidentaldissent, you had mentioned:"Lasch gives Paine a more fair treatment than most astute observers of the scene, probably on account of his leftist background."

    I guess that might be the same Lasch who wrote "The Revolt of the Elites." I'm looking forward to the post!

  2. It is indeed the same Lasch.

    I'll try to get around to it this weekend. I'm torn lately between upping my output and reverting to solely engaging in input. Maybe I'll just transcribe it for you should I not get past this writer's block of mine.

    His thoughts on Paine come from chapter 5 of The True and Only Heaven: Progress and Its Critics.

  3. Western women being manipulated by the Jewish mass-media again:

    - http://chuckross.blogspot.com/2009/10/why-do-women-love-vampires.html

    - http://chuckross.blogspot.com/2009/11/husbands-suck-vampires-suck-guess-who.html

  4. Vulgar but insightful:

    In short, women want to harness the magic in their relationship that they thought would last forever. One wonders if Mrs. Larrimore would make a pitstop at the Bunny Ranch outside of Vegas to let Matt harness the magic he thought would last forever in his marriage. Porking a nubile young hooker would help "remind" him of that "first meeting" with his wife.

  5. Thanks. I sent it to one fifty-plus mother, who has been just as 'gushy' in this addiction, as her college age skull full of mush daughter...

    Fr. John