White Flight

When white folks drive black people out of their neighborhoods, it is called "gentrification" or "ethnic cleansing" and we are supposed to be angry at the white people that do that.

When black folks drive white folks out of their neighborhoods, it is called "white flight" and it is prejudiced and bad of the white people to do that and we should be angry at them for it.


  1. The "gentrification" thing does not happen much reality. Redevelopment may force poor non-white out of an area, but most often they are replaced with retail and office buildings. And a few unmarried yuppies may move into the area. But almost never do these "gentrified" areas become safe places for young white families to raise children.

  2. But almost never do these "gentrified" areas become safe places for young white families to raise children.

    True. They became havens for the "edgy," young college types looking to drink in a "rough" area that has stabilized enough for them to not worry about getting mugged.

    South Boston for example, parts of N. Central Oakland and West Hollywood. Of course, it was really poor whites that got priced out of Southie but you catch my drift.

  3. I don't care about being called names anymore. When they call me "racist, hater, homophobe, islamaphobe, judaeophobe, terrorist, Holyhoax denier, etc.," it does not make me feel guilty at all. It either makes me laugh or makes me angry. But no guilt at all, none whatsoever.

  4. Good thoughts. Sorry about being late in the comments on my blog. Anyway, I posted this in light of something you asked.

  5. http://thewhitechrist.wordpress.com/2009/12/12/‘sambo’-and-the-‘tiger’/

    -Fr. John

  6. It seems you are one of the few people who was able to piece together that Linder is an agent. That Giles guy is too, a nobody who comes from nowhere and all of a sudden he's having high-profile guests (and he takes it easy on Jewish anti-racists while attacking Hunter!), meanwhile behaving like an agent provocateur trying to get people entrapped. It's amazing to me, reading that thread on OD - with all the red flags the writing is on the wall. But dear me, people still worship Linder and frankly I've not the energy to try to convince people otherwise.

  7. OD has spun out of control.

    No moderation did no good.

  8. I don't sympathize with the direction OD has just taken. Not in the slightest bit. Hunter's been listening to Braun way too much (who is btw a complete hypocrite -- he and Linder are very similar types: poisonous, vitriolic and utterly convinced of their own superiority).

  9. I'm just over 'personalities' in general. I'm starting a degree program soon and I think I've had enough of the internet.

  10. I agree, which is why you don't see me posting much anywhere. I hope you don't phase out completely though because you've been a good addition to "easy money online racialism." I'm also continuing education as of January so I'll have far less time as well, but I'll probably still read some blogs (i.e. Neo-Nietzsche's is probably my favorite, not because of the "personality" but because of the content).

    Hopefully some day we can move beyond the cultic clusterfuck which has defined racialism for the last half-century-plus.

    Good fortune to you and Merry Christmas.

  11. What you'll see from me is one to two short essays a month from here on out.

    To you and yours as well.

    I've got a nice bottle of Balvenie a copy of V for Vendetta.

  12. Yep, OD still has a long way to go.

    Please keep in touch, Daniel, and good luck on your degree.

    I gave my wife a "deluxe" edition of Milton's Paradise Lost for Christmas, illustrated with sketches from 1837. I was pleasantly surprised when I began to read it yesterday; no wonder it became so famous a poem. Helps if you've read Homer and Vergil first, and know a bit of Greek and Roman mythology.