From Paris, With Love

This isn't really a review. This is just me telling you a funny line from the movie.

After Travolta's character has just killed an assortment of Chinese gangsters his young and inexperienced partner asks him how many more he thinks there are lurking around.

Travolta says, deadpan, "According to the last census, about a billion of 'em."



Gandhi wrote in 1903:

“We believe as much in the purity of race as we think they do, only we believe that they would best serve these interests, which are as dear to us as to them, by advocating the purity of all races, and not one alone.”

Gandhi also stated in his Indian Opinion newspaper, referring to a then-current issue in multiracial South Africa :

“The petition dwells upon ‘the co-mingling of the colored and white races.’ May we inform the members of the Conference that so far as British Indians are concerned, such a thing is particularly unknown. If there is one thing which the Indian cherishes more than any other, it is the purity of type.”