Vote for Meg!

I won't be doing so since I opened up my copy of Tribe magazine to discover the following:

Gotta appease the really important constituency at the Shul in Agoura Hills y'know?


  1. Could you please write an article about this:
    Sweden is going crazy. The government paid for this song quote: "hey blond girl, take a black man between your legs and mix it up." At 1:04 Minute you can see a blond girl singing about the pride and beauty of Sweden while having sex with a black man. Watch it and show it to everyone you know.

    This is genocide of whites!


  2. That's sick. Who made and paid for that? Jews, perhaps? Looks like this is part of that "huge transformation into multiculturalism, led by Jews" that that Jewish woman on YouTube was so happy about. What a diseased bunch of destroyers.

    Keep blogging!


  3. daniel,

    I thought your recent skirmish at MR was quite impressive. You stand your ground the right way.


  4. So do you Marshall. If indeed, you are him.

    I think I might be done with MR temporarily and start blogging here again. Maybe, if you stick around, you'll read some things you like or some things, about which, you'll have something to say.

  5. Daniel,

    Good to see you. I don't visit MR or the other athiestic blogs much anymore (which is pretty much all of the intellectual and popular ones). There are lots of interesting conversations and intelligent discussions at those sites, but there is ultimately no "there" there for me. I seek actual, helpful solutions which can be of help to others, by which the awakened can improve his own situation and surroundings, but no one seems to want to discuss any of that, so I don't blog anymore. Most people are content to keep gawking at the colossal spectacle of the implosion and chit-chatting about it.

    Are you studying languages? We're still homeschooling and doing Latin, Greek, and German.

  6. Here are a few causes for hope, and a strengthening call for real men and women to and come out of hiding.

    Austrian MP Ewald Stadler speaks forcefully

    'Who the Hell You Think You Are?' Nigel Farage throws egg in Eurocrat faces http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gm9q8uabTs

    Mealy-Mouthed, Effeminate Christianity

    Together with Merkel's comment about multiculturalism not working, and her slip about Germany leaving the Euro, it looks like we might have a few real cracks finally forming in the Marxist/globalist edifice. Makes me want to start blogging again.

  7. That's me.

    I still read the commentary from time to time, but will never comment there again. Evil crowd.

    I look forward to more of your stuff. Not a Christian myself, but I like what you do with yourself in life. Honestly I view you as a role model. Keep it up.

  8. Rusty,

    Excellent to see you as well!

    I'm starting to feel the need to disassociate from the atheistic space on the internet as well. Pearls before swine and all that. However, I confess to reserving a modicum of hope that some dissatisfied lurker will find something of value in my participation.

    Regretfully, I must also confess that my interest in Latin and French have waned somewhat due to the nature of my current educational commitment. I finally decided to truly devote myself to a degree program in philosophy this year and have scarce time for any other pursuits. I have loaded myself pretty heavily so that I'm able to finish the program in three years and I'm hoping to start with Latin and French again after the completion of my program and in between semesters.

  9. Rusty, VA had a good post on Merkel's apparent about-face. It's just the latest of a series of sops to anti-immigration feeling. The Euro-pols have been making noises like that practically since the influx began -- but real change never follows.


    It would be a real shame if Christian voices were driven out of the thinking part of the 'movement'.

  10. Hello, Fellist,
    I'm more hopeful than I've been in awhile. My friends and relatives are beginning to come around. After all my years of warnings, some have actually admitted that I was right all along. A bittersweet feeling, that. Now, if I can make the most of the moment by directing their attention to productive action. Regardless of the outcome, I will keep up the good fight.

    Good to talk again. Good luck on your studies. Let us know how things are progressing whenever you have a moment.

    Xaire kai valete, Comites, bis bald.

  11. Hey, Guys,

    I found a conservative blog you all might be interested in:

    I haven't checked his entire blog out yet, but judging from what I've seen so far, he thinks and writes well on several subjects. For some reason, he has a few idiot liberals following him around like mosquitoes, and no other conservative followers. Perhaps you might pop in on him and give him a bit of encouragement.