I've been banned from Alternative Right for suggesting that everybody in Congress deserves to die.

Is there anything wrong with this sentiment?

I mean, I would grant that some of you might make exceptions for Ron Paul or Tancredo or somebody similar, but, wouldn't we be better off if an army of psychopathic assassins started picking them off one by one?


  1. Saw that your comment was removed, so I figured. Only other person I noticed Richard did this to was Theya.

  2. I suppose that's life.

    Best of luck to Spence.

    I still hope and pray for their deaths.

  3. Lol wth Daniel. You mayn't say stuff like that.

    Well, I'll be more enthusiastic about Alt Right, TOQ, majorityrights, even VDARE, etc. when transhumanism isn't tolerated.

    Overall I like those sites, but there's really need for an exclusively right-wing site that doesn't tolerate such views.

    The racialists break from the paleos only to talk more about how they'd destroy race via GE...

  4. Have to enforce non-mandatory 'group think,' you know. BEFORE it is made [sic] unconstitutional. Wouldn't want to have someone take away YOUR website and it's money-making opportunities, or to be thought less than 'tolerant.'... though how the $PLC, and the ADL can get away with their Jewish supremacism on a daily basis, still floors me... unless, like, you know, they control the media or something...... (he he)

    - Fr. John

  5. Even the liberal establishment hasn't formally ditched the traditional penalty for treason. Some Traditionalist RS is ...

  6. It is a joke. People want was is impossible: a "clean" and bloodless revolution. Nobody wants a guilty conscious or to actually have to hurt anybody. Squeamish fools. I'm not chomping at the bit to engage in bloodshed, but to imagine a sanitary future is to be willfully blind or incredibly ignorant.

    The Tuscon tragedy was no such thing. It does not fit the definition. Sophocles would be appalled.

  7. "Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them?"

    Sorry, that was the first thing I thought of.

    In a democracy especially, people tend to get the kind of government they deserve. If the murderes in D.C., New York and Hollywood did get what was coming to them, others just like them would soon appear. The change must first come in the hearts and minds of the people, and that will not happen until the wolf is at their respective doorsteps. Meaning, I'm afraid, that we still have a long, long way yet to fall.

    In the meantime, we can dream of a proper end to these dogs, can't we?

  8. So many involved deserve death, it's arbitrary to even speculate. We all have our lists.


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